When Disaster Strikes, You Want The Best!

When disaster strikes at your home or business, you need to know that everything is being done as quickly as possible to stop further damage, and return your property to its pre-loss condition.

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Make sure the restoration company you hire has your best interest at heart and will treat your property like it is their own.

What we do!


In a very short time, a small water leak can do extreme damage.  Our highly trained teams are ready to arrive on-site 24/7, to begin drying out your property to stop any further damage.


Even a small localized fire (such as a grease fire on your stove top) can put out massive amounts of soot and smoke.  It will coat walls, furniture, flooring, air conditioning ducts, and even the clothes in your closet.  We specialize in cleaning the affected areas, and contents.  As well as sealing up any windows or roof sections effected by the fire.  The last thing you want is further damage caused from the elements before permanent repairs can be made.


It doesn’t take long for moisture from a water leak to begin growing mold.  Effects from mold can vary from simple discoloration of the affected area, to being deadly dangerous to you and your family. Our highly trained techs use industry leading techniques and technologies to safely remove the mold from the effected area, and stop further spreading.

Why You Should Choose Us!


A few hours can make a big difference in the amount of damage that water can do to your building's walls, floors, insulation, electrical wires, furnishings, heirlooms and other valuable contents. Because of that, everyone at Marathon Restoration knows it’s important to get on-site as soon as the call comes in.


We are experts at dealing directly with your insurance carrier. Our techs know exactly how to document the damage and the proceeding clean up to ensure you get top dollar. That way you know your home will be restored to its pre-loss condition.


Quickly drying out a structure requires proper techniques. We use the nation-wide industry standard IICRC to train all our restoration teams. This ensures we stay up to date on all the latest techniques and technologies to provide the best possible results for our clients.

We Are NOT Beholden to your Insurance Company.

Many restoration companies subscribe to “preferred vendor” programs to get your business directly from the insurance carriers. We don’t and have never subscribed to the vendor programs. We produce our own leads through online marketing, referrals from other local businesses and word of mouth. Never through a TPA or preferred vendor program. If you hire us, be assured that we work for YOU, and not your insurance company.