Sewage Damage Cleanup

When you call (954) 378-0221 and talk with our customer service representatives, you will be given information about your sewage restoration service and will subsequently speak to a sewer backup restoration professional to receive info about Sewage Damage Cleanup. We want to make sure we move efficiently and quickly for you, because we know that time and money are two of the most important things.


Despite many homes in the area being up-to-code and in good shape, sewage damage doesn't discriminate with its victims. The damage can be a result of years of use or a drainage problem, along with many other possible culprits. At Marathon Restoration, each backed up sewage cleaning crew will make sure to return your property back to its top form in an efficient and safe manner. Our avoid contaminating your water supply and other common mistakes that even many industry professionals make during Sewage Damage Cleanup because, simply put, our experts just care more.

Sewage damage can manifest itself in many different ways, so be sure to talk to a Marathon Restoration now to get Sewage Damage Cleanup assistance in your home or business. We try to serve the customer the best we can without cutting corners. Call (954) 378-0221 now for more information from our customer service representatives.


We don't cut corners at Marathon Restoration. Our use the best equipment in the industry and take part in professional training. We believe that our service in is unmatched, so call (954) 378-0221 today and get a sent to your home or business to give an estimate and begin your Sewage Damage Cleanup.